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Advanz Goggles

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Product #: A-030

Fits Comfortably to Your Face

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The ADVANZ Goggles were designed specifically for spraying. Regular goggles become useless once the back spray gets on the lens. Trying to clean off the lens is impossible because plastic – unlike glass – just smudges leaving the vision even more obstructed.

Product #: C-045

Fits All Full-Faced Respirators,
Hoods & Face Shields
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The ADVANZ Lens Covers are designed to fit over all brands of full-face respirators. Like the goggles, just turning the knob allows clear vision. Saving time from cleaning lenses that never seem to clean and saving the cost in replacing them are the reasons that professional sprayers keep coming back for more.

We buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you! Many retail stores carry the ADVANZ Goggles and Lens covers but few can compete with our prices. We have 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

With the ADVANZ system, just turn the knob, advancing the film, clearing vision. After 25 frame advances, just throw it away and start with a new pair. Unlike tear-aways that cost as much as $1.00 each, the ADVANZ system costs just pennies per frame advance.